The International Conference on Aluminum Alloys is the world’s leading conference series relating to science and technology of aluminum alloys. Since its founding in 1986, this bi-annual conference has provided a vibrant forum for exchange and discussion on leading-edge research, technology, and applications in aluminum, attracting a diverse mix of participants from universities, research organizations and industry. Georgia Institute of Technology has a place in that history having hosted ICAA4 in 1994. We are honored to be bringing the conference back to Atlanta by hosting ICAA19 in 2024.

At this time, as the global community works to tackle the multiple challenges related to climate change, aluminum alloys are at the forefront as a sustainable solution of choice for wide-ranging applications including packaging, automotive and electric vehicles, aerospace and beyond. ICAA19 will comprise the usual exciting mix of technical symposia, ranging from the latest techniques and capabilities, to advances in alloy design and modeling, and emerging markets and applications. The over-arching focus however will be the critical role that aluminum will play in enabling the low carbon and circular societies and economies of the future, including a special symposium dedicated to sustainability in design and recycling.

We thank the ICAA International Committee for this tremendous opportunity and look forward to welcoming you to Atlanta in the summer of 2024!

ICAA19 organizing committee joint chairs:

  • Preet Singh
  • Rajeev Kamat
  • Naresh Thadhani
  • Richard Hamerton


Atlanta is the capital of the US state of Georgia, home to 5.9 million people within its metro boundary. Located in the south-east of the country, it enjoys a pleasant climate with average summer temperatures ranging from 21 to 29°C. It is known for its strong links to the US civil rights movement and as the host city for the 1996 Olympic Games. It is a modern, growing city with a strong heritage in sports and music and with a wealth of amenities, including many museums.

Atlanta has several universities, including Georgia Institute of Technology, highly regarded on the national and global stages for its academic excellence, and leadership in research and innovation. Atlanta and the surrounding region are also the home to many marquee companies and brands, several with strong connections to the aluminum industry.