Abstract Submission

Please note that we are only accepting the pdf file format. You’ll need to save or export your abstract to the pdf file format. Many word processors have this capability built in. File size is limited to 50mb. If you’re having difficulty coming under that size for your file, look into the reduced pdf setting. Additionally, please limit your abstract to under 800 words and no more than two total pages.

Use this link to review a list of the symposia and the descriptions from the organizers LIST OF SYMPOSIA

The extended abstract consists of a 200 word short abstract and up to 2 pages of additional text and figures (PDF format, 50 mb file size limit).

Use this link to see the details of the abstract format and download templates. ABSTRACT FORMAT AND TEMPLATE

Thank you.

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The ICAA19 organizers have partnered with the Dryfta event management platform for abstract submissions and event scheduling.

To submit an abstract you will first create an ICAA19 Dryfta account at: https://icaa19.dryfta.com/attendees-authors-registration

You can then submit an abstract, or edit an existing submission at: https://icaa19.dryfta.com/submitted-abstracts/abstract/detail